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Why are professional hygiene services

Professional teeth cleanings are important because not keeping a healthy mouth and teeth free from plaque and bacteria could:
  • Can cause gum disease
  • Lead to tooth loss and tooth decay
  • Lead to other diseases which affect your overall general health

Restoring a tooth that doesn’t stand out in color when you smile.

What are tooth colored fillings?

A filling is a common dental procedure that will restore the health and tooth structure of a tooth that has decay. This restoration will be closely matched to the color of your teeth making it blend and not noticeable.


Inlays and onlays are an indirect filling.

What is an inlay?

An inlay is a type of filling which is one solid piece of material that fits in between the cusp tips of the tooth. An inlay is recommended when a traditional composite filling isn’t sufficient, and there isn’t any damage to the cusps of your tooth.

What is an onlay?

An onlay is larger than an inlay and it will extend over the cusp tips of the tooth. This restoration is recommended if you have larger cavities on your tooth and not all cusp tips are compromised.

How do inlays and onlays work?

We will first remove the area that is damaged and any decay that may be present. This prepares the tooth for either an inlay or onlay. Then, we scan the tooth and use our CEREC technology to design the inlay/onlay that fits perfectly to the tooth. Because we have our own lab in our office, we can design, mill and cement your restoration in just one visit.


Crowns and bridges can replace your missing teeth giving you a
natural smile that you can be confident with.

Crowns and bridges are restorative treatment option to replace missing teeth or restore teeth that have been damaged. They are specifically designed to match the shape and color of your surrounding teeth giving you a strong, natural looking smile.

What is a crown?

A dental crown “cap” is used to restore a tooth that is damaged or has cavities. It is designed to its natural shape, size and function. A crown will protect the tooth and improve the way it looks by covering over the natural tooth or dental implant.

What is a bridge?

A bridge is used to restore several missing teeth in a row. Like a crown, it can be designed to fit over your natural teeth or dental implants. A bridge is designed with crowns on either side of your missing teeth with replacement teeth in the middle.

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This is a restorative option to immediately replace missing teeth


Full dentures can be fabricated to replace a person’s missing teeth. They are made from several different materials allowing a natural smile with full function. Another option is to have dentures supported by implants. These are still removable but allow for more security when eating and talking without using adhesives.

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