What is CEREC?

CEREC is an acronym that stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics . This type of dentistry provides restorations such as crowns, veneers, bridges, onlays, etc. However, unlike traditional procedures, CEREC restorations can be designed, created and placed in just one appointment. This eliminates the 2nd or even 3rd office visit, is less expensive and offers the precision and beauty of ceramic dental work.

How does CEREC work?

When our patients are in need of dental work we are able to restore or improve their smile in just one sitting! The process of CEREC begins with a consultation with Dr. McCaslin. During this consultation, he will examine the tooth/teeth in question and address your immediate oral needs. For example, if a patient is suffering from a cavity, he will first rid the tooth of the decay and remove any damaged portion of the tooth.

After all oral problems are addressed, Dr. McCaslin will manipulate the shape of the natural tooth in order to make room for a snug fitting restoration that will protect and improve the tooth. Then, he uses computer technology and x-rays to create an incredibly accurate digital image of the tooth. Our CEREC computer will take this image and design the perfect, customized restoration. This design is then sent to the milling unit.

The milling unit is the technology that actually creates your restoration. A block of ceramic is chosen based on the shade that most accurately matches the shade of your surrounding teeth and placed inside the unit. Then, in minutes, your restoration is molded on the spot and can immediately be placed over the affected tooth. In all, our patients can leave our office with a completely restored smile in under two hours. Traditionally, this process would take up to 3 or more separate dental visits!

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