An onlay is a restorative procedure that aims to repair and strengthen a worn down, damaged tooth. While our teeth are incredibly tough, they inevitably experience the wear and tear of daily life. We use our teeth for daily activities such as eating, talking and brushing our teeth that can cause them to weaken. Accidents and injuries can also severely compromise the appearance and strength of a tooth. When this happens, our team offers onlays in Omaha, Nebraska to repair and improve the appearance of a damaged tooth.

How does it work?Omaha tooth restoration

Onlays are similar to crowns. However, the main difference is that a crown encompasses the entire tooth and acts as a helmet to protect the tooth. Onlays only cover a portion of a tooth. This procedure covers and protects the biting surface of the tooth. The material is designed to fit perfectly over the grooves of the damaged tooth.

What is the process?

When a patient needs to restore a portion of a tooth, Dr. McCaslin first removes the area that is damaged. This prepares the tooth for the onlay. Then, we scan the tooth and use our CEREC technology to design an onlay that fits perfectly to the tooth. This means that we can complete the procedure in just one visit.

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