We offer Digital Smile Design

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Everything great starts with a smile…

A beautiful white and vibrant smile gives you tremendous confidence, gives off an elegance and makes your face really stand out. At Evergreen we design smiles 100% customized to your needs to produce a perfect aesthetically smile.

Smiles are more powerful than you may think

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Want a beautiful smile?

The DSD process starts with a high-quality digital photography and video session in order to capture the patients’ facial features in motion and be able to study the aesthetics and harmony of each face. Mouth models are also required to bring those records to 3D.

To design and create the perfect smile, it is essential to conduct all appropriate diagnostic tests that allow us to analyse facial and dental proportions of patients. Uniformity of colour, size, position and shape of the teeth, along with gums and lips in harmony with the face, is crucial.

Become the co-author of your new smile

The most extraordinary innovation offered by DSD is that we can show and put into the patient’s own

mouth a real simulation of his/her new smile (mock-up) to see how it would be before starting the treatment.

Preview your smile before committing to treatment

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The technique is simple. The tooth or teeth that will receive a veneer are prepared and a very precise measurement is taken with a digital scanner. This will be sent to the laboratory, where specialized technicians will make the veneer using a modern injection or porcelain casting system (aesthetics).  With the use of the most modern technologies such as CAD-CAM we can create porcelain veneers in a single session thus improving the effectiveness and reducing the inconveniences of having to come into the clinic several times.

Porcelain Veneers

DSD Cases